For over 22 years, Robert Anderson has led the residential and commercial construction industry with integrity, quality, and straightforward communication. His many years in the industry, have garnered him thousands of projects under his belt. 

Robert spearheads ABH with a hyper-focus on his team and outcome, working closely with his engineers, craftsmen, suppliers, and design professionals.  He orchestrates the flow and direction to build homes that will provide you with more than just a fantastic house, it will be the hub of memories and cherished moments with family and friends for years to come. With the added peace of mind, this home will be an excellent investment.

Robert did not begin his work in the building industry as a general contractor. He started early as an apprentice to carpenters, roofers, flooring contractors, plumbers, and electricians. Because of this, Robert has first-hand knowledge of the industry's best practices and works with his employees and subcontractors quickly identifying quality processes for the best results. His expectations are high on every aspect of a home’s assemblage. With his extensive knowledge and background experience, those who work for him respect his knowledge and meet his standards.


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