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Home isn't just a physical space; it's where your heart resides. It's the canvas on which you paint the colorful memories of life, where laughter becomes the soundtrack of your journey, and where your creative spirit finds its sanctuary. We are the new home builder that understands, it's a place not only for you but for those you cherish. 

At Anderson Built Homes we understand the profound importance of home. We believe in crafting spaces that go beyond bricks and mortar; we create havens of comfort, expression, and love. Your home should be a reflection of your unique story, a sanctuary that encapsulates the essence of what 'home' truly means to you. Let us partner with you to create your perfect space. 

Exquisite New Homes in HICKORY & ASHEVILLE NC

Hickory, North Carolina, and Asheville, North Carolina, are more than just places on the map—they’re vibrant communities that offer a unique blend of culture, natural beauty, and the warmth of Southern living. Now, you have the opportunity to be a part of these dynamic regions with us, your Elite New Home Builder in the area.

In Hickory, NC, experience a charming blend of farmhouse elegance and modern amenities. at Catawba Pointe. Our new home developments in Hickory offer the perfect balance of small-town charm and city convenience.

Asheville, NC, is renowned for its breathtaking mountain landscapes and a thriving arts and cultural scene. Our new home development in Asheville, Oberon Reserve, embraces the natural beauty of the region with a serene backdrop for your modern dream home.

With thoughtful planning and innovative design, our developments in both Hickory and Asheville are tailored to enhance your quality of life. Whether you seek a serene retreat or a bustling community, we have the perfect option for you. Join us in these exceptional locations and begin a new chapter in a place you’ll proudly call home.”